Time Lords

February 26, 2014


In the book of Daniel, the King (Nebuchadnezzar) described a frightening dream concerning a strong tree that grew and reached to heaven, and was visible to the whole earth. The birds of the heavens, called watchers, lived in its branches and all flesh fed from it (Daniel 4:10-13). In Bible prophecy, unclean birds represent demons and clean birds represent angels (Revelation 18:1-2; Daniel 4:12). The birds of heaven in the king’s vision were clean birds. The Bible teaches that mankind has been visited for centuries by powerful watchers from other worlds (Daniel 4:13). In fact, nothing of significance occurs in the earthly realm without the intervention and  interaction of the watchers as described in the book of Daniel (Daniel 4:13-18, 24-26). These watchers participate in God’s divine judgment (Daniel 7:9-10). According to the book of Daniel, watchers carry out the divine decrees of God to depose kings and set up new ones (Daniel 2:20-21). Since these watchers participate in God’s divine counsel, which changes the times and seasons of world governments, they are by definition Time Lords.

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