Part 9. Joshua and the Adversary

May 15, 2014


Joshua was a high priest without a temple – a minister without a church – and like many people of his day had endured the long captivity in Babylon. In this segment, we will examine Joshua the high priest, in the context of Zechariah 3:1, no longer the bold Joshua who had conquered the Promised Land and had approached the Angel of the LORD in Joshua 5:13. Instead, this Joshua stood before the Angel of the LORD speechless because he was keenly aware of his own sin and unworthiness before a holy God. Joshua who led Israel to the Promised Land was a link to the final Joshua who was to come to lead the Church – the people of God – to the true Promised Land, the heavenly Jerusalem. Joshua, the high priest, stands in history as foreshadow of Jesus – our Great High Priest!

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